There are many benefits care homes provide for the elderly, one of which is being able to be part of a community. Care homes for the elderly heavily focus on the wellbeing of their residents, where being part of a community and participating in communal activities can have a positive effect on the elderly for their physical, social and mental health. This article further unpicks the benefits of joining a community within care homes for the elderly.

A way to stay social in a safe environment

For all individuals, staying socially active is important for reducing mental health problems. This can be particularly difficult for those independent living elderly citizens, who can find it hard to socialise with their loved ones and partake in social activities in the local community. This challenge can be due to several reasons, like mobility difficulties, other health concerns and a fear of possible unsafe situations that may arise. Care homes for the elderly can eliminate these feelings of loneliness and provide safe, accessible communities to make friends and increase social life for the elderly. At TLC Care, we encourage the elderly residents in our care home to join our many friendly communities, socialise with like-minded people and meet new friends, all within a safe and secure care home environment.

TLC Care proudly presents 9 care homes across 4 large areas in the UK, providing professional friendly elderly care covering North London, Surrey, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire

TLC Care group of care homes also offers a variety of elderly care homes, such as our care homes that cherish the Hindu culture – Karuna Manor and Kailash Manor, located in North London. The Hindu culture can be noticed from the interior design to the food, and celebrate Hindu traditions and ceremonies. Our group supports residential care, nursing care, dementia care and respite care, all of which are supported by our registered nurses and qualified careers. 

Every elderly resident across all our residential and nursing care homes has a unique tailored care plan, with the objective and intent to provide the elderly with the best care services and promote a healthy active and social lifestyle. Feel free to come and book a visit to our care homes for the elderly at TLC Care, to see if they are the right care home for you or your loved one.

Continue enjoying your hobbies while surrounded by a warm community

As much scientific literature shows, it is important for the elderly to stay active, which supports mental and physical health. For example, staying active can help reduce the risk of major illnesses, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer for the elderly. Research also shows social connection with others can help the elderly improve their ability to recover from stress, anxiety, and depression. It can be particularly challenging for the elderly who live independently to be able to socialise and partake in activities, events and hobbies when they have the responsibility of cooking and looking after their home. In all our care homes, the elderly residents can fully enjoy a well-catered healthy diet and participate in activities and hobbies, to build an active lifestyle and social life, while being supported by our professional-friendly careers and warm social community.

Continue living your life independently, while having access to experienced care teams

Being in a care home certainly does not restrict independence. At TLC Care, across all of our homes, elderly residents can independently enjoy different onsite facilities in a safe environment, without having to leave the home. Such facilities include on-site hair and beauty salons, cafes, pubs, restaurants, mini-golf courses and plenty more. For instance, the Cambridge care homes host the dementia cafe, which is a dementia support group occurring every month in their cosy cafe, empowering residents to come and enjoy a cup of tea, talk and exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences. 

Joining a community gives residents the independence to organise their own time, continue their regular routines, enjoy their hobbies and participate in activities and social events on-site. All of this is done in a safe community with our experienced care teams there to provide the right support for each elderly resident.

To summarise, the benefits of joining a community for the elderly in a care home have a vast amount of positive rewards, ensuring the elderly residents’ physical, social and mental needs are met. Through all our residential and nursing care homes and the support from our friendly staff, the elderly residents can focus on enjoying themselves independently within a social community, while partaking in the activities that are onsite in a secure home. If you are somewhat curious, you are welcome to book a visit to view our care homes for the elderly at TLC Care, to see if it is the right care home for you or your loved one.