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Residential Care

Residential care in North London

Our care homes offer an enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle for our residents, as well as a sense of belonging to the TLC Care family. We offer the possibility to live independently in luxury with all first-class amenities – but never alone in our North London care homes. Allow your loved one or yourself to spend your days with other members or staff engaging in activities from walks through the picturesque gardens to treatments at spas and salons. At an elderly age, our team helps you unleash your creativity by learning something new OR participating in hobbies or activities you already enjoy – plus delicious meals tailored just for you!

Our caring, attentive and wonderful staff is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and safe. We take pleasure in bringing joy to your day in a home filled with compassion, laughter and happiness as well as expert care when you require it.

What does residential care mean in our North London care homes?

At TLC Care, residential care means providing the highest quality of care to elderly people in a home environment that feels like their own. Our residential care setting is designed to ensure that residents have all the comforts, safety and security they would expect if they were living in their own home. With 24/7 support and tailored care (residential, dementia, nursing, respite, palliative etc.), our TLC Care homes provide a safe, friendly and compassionate atmosphere and activities for all our residents.

Adapting to life in a care home

At our care home, we know that moving to a new environment in your elderly stage can be especially hard. That’s why we are dedicated to creating an experience that is effortless and comfortable for both residents and their loved ones alike!

Our living facilities provide the perfect balance of medical treatment with activities designed to keep our residents active; ensuring everyone enjoys themselves while still receiving the individualised support they need.

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Quality residential care in our care homes

Every year our care homes are inspected by CQC (Care Quality Commission) and our North London care homes Candlewood House, Carlton Court, Karuna Manor and the newest addition Kailash Manor pride themselves on the high scores achieved year after year. We work to continuously improve the lives of our residents in more efficient ways and make the stay at our homes fun and pleasant.

Chesterton care home Cambridge Manor care givers

High-standard residential care North London

Our nursing and care teams respect the importance of providing tailored care to our residents and ensure that their physical, social and mental needs are met. With residential care homes situated in a variety of locations around the country, we are confident that we will be able to find an ideal home for those wishing to stay for both short and extended periods of time.

The weight of making the decision of placing your beloved parent (mum or dad), grandparent, sibling, partner, friend etc. can be a difficult and long decision, as you wish to find them the best, care-free care home where they can spend joyful time and be looked after and given the most attention.

Our care home managers can help you understand how our care homes function, the values we stand by and the care plans we put in place for our residents. We will help you and guide you, choosing a care home doesn’t have to be a daunting decision.

Why choose residential care

Benefits of a residential care home for your loved one

Our residents get to enjoy the peace and quiet of their own residential space and private bedrooms as well as benefit from communal dining arrangements where they can share nutritionally balanced meals prepared with fresh ingredients with the other fellow residents of the care home.

There are also variety of activities and events organised within our residential setting that keep our residents active and appeals to their interests during their stay.

Candlewood House, Karuna Manor, Carlton Court, Kailash Manor – in fact, all our care homes in North London and further are extremely welcoming to friends and family of our residents. We keep the visits frequent and the visitors informed.

How to make the decision

The decision between a nursing care home and residential care home

With so much to consider when choosing a care home, one key decision people often make is the choice between a nursing care home and residential care home.

A nursing care home provides 24/7 level of medical care managed by qualified nurses and can be ideal if you have a complex medical condition or specific needs. We have multiple care homes that do provide nursing care as well if that is the care you are seeking.

To guide you, nursing care home in North London will be ideal for people with more serious physical disability, critical conditions, requirement of palliative care or any type of condition that requires specialist equipment.

Discover the care homes we offer

At TLC Care, we understand that you may be looking for a suitable care home for yourself or your loved one. We offer luxurious care services tailored to the individual needs of each resident, with staff available 24/7 to provide support and assistance when required.

Our care homes have been designed to allow residents to live independently as much as possible, while they enjoy exploring our events and activities. This creates an amazing relationship that allows us to seamlessly help and support with our care services.

If the North London care homes are not the best location for you, explore our Surrey, Cambridge and Hertfordshire care homes.

Our care homes located in North London

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