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We enable our residents to fulfil their passions and learn new skills and hobbies. At our homes there’s something for everyone whether this is live music, dancing, art, cooking, gardening, theatre, opera or community excursions. We create weekly activities calendars for our TLC Care family to enjoy!

Candlewood House Care home in North London lounge enjoyment by TLC Care

Candlewood House activities

Discover a vibrant community at Candlewood House, our peaceful care home nestled in North London. Take part in an array of activities such as book club meetings, pamper sessions, quizzes and meditation to nurture your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

We also regularly organise such events Dementia Cafe and Love & Friendship Club, alongside many other ones to socialise and celebrate special occasions.

Make the most of life’s precious moments with us at Candlewood House.

Activities in Carlton Court

Join us and experience the unique activities at Carlton Court, our care home located in the beautiful Barnet suburbs. Our residents are actively encouraged to participate in a wide range of engaging activities, including afternoon tea, cinema club, yoga, bingo, and board games, all aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

At Carlton Court we host regular events such as Carlton’s Memory Cafe and Love & Connect at Carlton, along with many others to create a strong community atmosphere.

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Kailash Manor Unique Religious Temple Pinner Care Home

Kailash Manor

Kailash Manor is a unique care home, focused on tranquility and spirituality. To ensure the overall well-being of our residents, we organise many engaging activities, tailored to suit their needs, such as: Bollywood movies in our in-house cinema, yoga and meditation, as well as pamper sessions in our spa.

To help residents stay connected to their heritage and culture, we celebrate religious festivals and host traditional celebrations. On top of that, we also organise events, such as Dementia Cafe and Koffee at Kailash, to make socialising easier for our residents.

Camberley Manor

Experience an enriched lifestyle at Camberley Manor. Our luxurious Surrey facility offers a variety of entertainment options, from mini golf courses to meticulously landscaped gardens. Stay physically, mentally, and socially engaged with our regular brain fitness sessions, exercise classes, and movie nights. We also host events such as the Camberley Manor Connected Club and Memory Cafe, as well as special celebrations for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and more. Come and be a part of our thriving community at Camberley Manor.


Karuna Manor Activities and Events

  • Daily Morning Aarti & Yagna
  • Bingo
  • Bollywood Quiz Nights
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Henna Art
  • Dementia Cafe
  • Koffee with Karuna
  • Special occasion celebrations, like Valentine’s Day
Kailash Manor Luxury Library In Pinner Care Home
Hertfordshire residential car home
Cherry Hinton garden Queen Edith's Way

Activities at Cherry Hinton

At our bright and charming Cambridge care home, residents have the option to join many activities, created to entertain and as a way to reach a balanced lifestyle. Such activities as board games, poetry, baking and book clubs, as well as art classes let our residents participate in many different areas and explore their creativity.

Community atmosphere is very important in Cherry Hinton. To help our residents socialise and support each other, we organise such events as You’ve Got a Friend in Me Club and Dementia Cafe.

Cambridge Manor activities and events

Cambridge Manor provides its residents with peacefulness of nature – being located in the suburbs of Cambridge and surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. Our residents can take part in many activities, which are tailored to their specific well-being and entertainment needs. They can explore their creativity in the art club, get competitive during game nights or simply relax and enjoy the nature in our beautiful outdoor areas.

To tie the Cambridge Manor community even closer together, we regularly host such events as Dementia Cafe, Together at 3 Club and celebrate special occasions, such as World Book Day and Donut Day, as we strive to make every day at our care home fun and unique.

Cambridge Manor care home in Cambridge Lounge enjoyment _ TLC Care
Cambridge care home Cambridge Manor massage

Cuffley Manor

Cuffley Manor care home offers a wonderful, welcoming community for its residents. Enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee in the beautiful Bistro, or try your hand at the mini-golf course. The Cuffley Arms, a themed in-house pub, is also available for residents. Additionally, residents can partake in activities like quizzes, poetry reading, and exercise in the lounge.

Alongside the activities, Cuffley Manor teams organise many regular events, such as Dementia Cafe, Blue Light Friday and Stepping up Together, to bring the care home community even closer together.


Cooperscroft Care Home, located in Potters Bar, offers specialised nursing care in a serene setting surrounded by a stunning water garden. Our luxury facilities, including a café, beauty salon and cinema, ensure that residents are always entertained and pampered. Outdoor lounges with picturesque riverside views provide a peaceful environment for those who prefer a calmer lifestyle.

Our highly personalised events, such as the Dementia Cafe and Stepping up Together, create a sense of belonging and improve residents’ overall well-being by offering a chance to share experiences and connect with like-minded individuals within the close-knit Cooperscroft community.

Cooperscroft care home Brookmans Park cinema

Why Choose TLC

Dedicated Teams

At TLC we pride ourselves on making our residents’ dreams and wishes come true! Our passionate teams provide outstanding quality of care, supporting our residents according to their needs and preferences.


We enable our residents to fulfil their passions and learn new skills and hobbies. At our homes there’s something for everyone whether this is live music, dancing, art, cooking, gardening, theatre, opera or community excursions. We create weekly activities calendars for our TLC family to enjoy!

Dining & Nutrition

Our daily changing menus and restaurant-quality service deliver an exceptional dining experience. Our highly skilled chefs use locally sourced ingredients to ensure our residents benefit from a nutritious and balanced diet.


TLC’s luxury care homes are designed to provide a welcoming, immaculate environment that our residents love. You can relax and feel at home in landscaped gardens, spacious lounge areas, private dining rooms, cafes, beauty salons, cinemas and more.

We are here to help