Camberley Manor Care Home, Surrey, residents and team enjoying costumes and activities within the home.

Beginning of April, the TLC Care portfolio of 8 homes launched a ‘bee-sy’ schedule of events to promote being active, healthy and happy among the TLC Care family. Alongside using the bee-inspired week to share family values of kindness, trust and happiness; each care home held events in efforts to fundraise for the Care Workers’ Charity. The CWC have been supporting care workers for over 10 years with one-off hardship grants, and in true TLC Care form – the team decided to find inclusive ways to lend a helping hand.

Each day of ‘Bee Active, Bee Healthy, Bee Happy’ week was dedicated to finding to share kindness, appreciation and build upon strong relationships; in line with our family mission to provide exceptional quality of service and outstanding care set in a warm and active environment in homely buildings with genuine character.

The passion and dedication of the TLC family shone brighter than ever, as they took considerations to include each resident in a manner which was comfortable to them. Homes boasted creative activities and engagement, including community walks, singing, positivity post boxes filled with compliments and much more. No team or resident were left behind in our bee-filled week; from delicious healthy treats from our catering teams, décor from the maintenance team; and for added flair, the teams dressed up as bees as they took to the local garden spaces and begun their marathons – it caused quite the buzz.

Totka Zhelyazkova, Home Manager at Camberley Manor Care Home commented: “It’s been fantastic to see the excitement and bustle around the home. In the lead up to the event, the teams were sharing great ideas and you could feel the positivity and excitement which was shared with the residents. At Camberley Manor, we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and seeing what our sister homes have been doing.”

Alongside walking 402km as a group to fundraise over £500 for the CWC, the TLC team used this week to celebrate the outstanding care that we provide, together as a team, and share kindness among our family. People are at the heart of everything we do, and sharing our values of truth, love and compassion is a task we undertake each day whilst providing quality care in homely environments.

About The Care Workers’ Charity: Founded in 2009, the CWC have been supporting current and former care workers with one-off grants. Offering 2 types of grans, those within the care industry are given access to essential and crisis grants, generally limited to £500. Find out more, here.

Lorna Badrick, COO at TLC Care, commented: “This week has been focused on wellbeing, happiness, fun and laughter across each of our 8 homes. It’s been such a pleasure to watch our homes thrive in the fun and frolic of the week, whilst creating memories and strengthening bonds. Sharing our compassionate ways and the love for what we do is something all of our TLC team takes pride in; and I am beyond proud of our TLC family.”  

About TLC Care

TLC Care takes pride in enriching our communities by delivering outstanding care and supporting the residents in our care to live enjoyable and fulfilled lives by offering an enhanced wellbeing programme in sociable, homely environments. Through our one-team approach, the TLC family lead each day with our values of truth, love and compassion as we demonstrate meaningful interactions with our residents and provide unparalleled expert care. Delivering services from respite care to end of life support; each of our residents are the heart of our family. To view our care home portfolio, please visit

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