It is with great excitement that with vaccinations ever increasing and our meticulous risk mitigation, that we are nearing the end of lockdown measures in July.

Resident of TLC Care Home, in Camberley Manor Care Home. Enjoying a cup of tea in the sunshine
Resident of Camberley Manor Care Home, Deepcut Surrey.

Trips Out of the Home

Each home can now facilitate more visits out of the home for residents without the need for isolating on their return, based on a risk assessment. There will, of course, be exceptions, such as for those where it would be considered as a high risk and for any residents who stay overnight at a hospital. The main contingency to ascertaining what level of risk each visit out carries, is by conducting a risk assessment within the home. This will include areas such as covid testing on the day of the visit, the vaccination status of the resident and of the individual/s who they will be visiting, where the visit will take place, the mode of transport used and so forth. 

The full policy can be viewed here.

Internal Visits

For internal visits, we are delighted to inform you that all residents within the home are now able to nominate an essential care giver, which will be based on individual risk assessment. The chosen care giver will receive training and support with testing, infection control and PPE. It is worthy of note that it will be a mandatory requirement that the essential care giver has received both vaccinations.

Essential care givers are welcome to visit through periods of isolation but will not be able to visit during the unlikely event of an outbreak. The essential care giver will be welcomed into the home, but will not be permitted into the dining rooms during mealtimes, in efforts to allow the residents a seamless dining experience.

Each resident will have five named visitors as communicated previously and residents can have a maximum of two visitors at any one time or over the course of one day. The two visitors will be able to visit together or separately, this can either be a single visit with both nominated visitors in one day, or two separate visits in one day. Please note that the essential care giver who comes to the home, counts as one of the two visitors a day – meaning that a resident will not be able to have a visit from two named visitors and the essential care giver in a single day. All visitors (including the  essential care giver) will be able to book their visit via a dedicated booking system..

Garden visits continue to be facilitated in each home and can now be offered to other friends and family members outside the named visitors. Each of these individuals will be offered a warm welcome to the garden space, subject to a negative rapid test (LFD).

The full policy can be viewed here. Should you require further information, please contact the Care Home directly or see the Government guidance here.

Thank you for your ongoing support and continued patience as we work together to create a safe reopening of the home.

Last updated: 08/07/21