The Coronavirus pandemic is a worrying time for many of us, but especially for those working the front line in the medical and care industry, and for the older and more vulnerable members of our society. That means that the Covid-19 outbreak puts both our residents and our staff at risk. We want to assure you that we are ahead of the curve, in line with the advice from the government and medical professionals and doing our all to protect both our residents and our staff during this time.

Guidance from Public Health England

Public Health England has shared clear guidelines on how to limit the spread of infection and, in particular, coronavirus. As the disease is thought to be spread through water droplets in coughs, sneezes and even talking, we are thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, practicing and encouraging good hand hygiene and closely monitoring visitation in order to promote social distancing.


The TLC care homes are homely and welcoming places for all and we have always strived to provide an environment that nurtures quality time with friends and loved ones but our mission, as ever, is to deliver the highest quality of care to our residents, and as a result we have to make some changes. We are limiting visitation to only essential visits and are ensuring all visits align with the following regulations:

  • Visitors hands are washed on arrival and on leaving the home
  • Visitors temperatures will be checked upon arrival and anyone with a temperature above 37.8c will not be permitted
  • Visitors who have been in contact with people displaying Covid-19 symptoms of a cough or temperature will not be permitted to visit for 14 days
  • Visitors displaying any symptoms themselves will also not be permitted for 14 days
  • Visiting times are restricted to 2.30pm – 3.30pm and 6.30pm – 7.30pm Monday to Friday and 3.00pm – 4.00pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Visitors are restricted to residents own rooms and not communal areas
  • Only one visitor per resident is allowed and only one visit per day during the allotted times
  • Children aged 16 and under will not be permitted to visit
  • Animals are not permitted to visit

Adhering to and supporting these rules and regulations will help keep our staff and our residents safe. From all of us here at TLC, we thank you for your patience and support and wish you all well during this time.