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Palliative Care
in Cambridge

Palliative care in Cambridge

TLC Care is committed to providing high-quality palliative care, delivered with respect, empathy and true understanding in a warm and welcoming home-like environment. Our Cambridge care home Cherry Hinton offers a variety of well-being facilities, which are designed to offer residents comfort, security, and the freedom to maintain their daily routines, whenever that is possible, all in a safe environment, with care available at any time of the day. Our experienced and welcoming nurses and palliative care teams will provide you and your loved ones with spiritual and emotional support, as well as professional advice, whenever it is needed. Thus creating a nurturing and friendly community for residents and their loved ones.

What is palliative care?

Palliative Care is specialist medical care for people living with a terminal illness, such as cancer or heart failure. This type of care is meant to improve a person’s quality of life through support such as symptom management, emotional, psychological and physical support, and anything else to improve the resident’s quality of life.

Residents receiving palliative care can continue on with any treatments intended to cure their illness. All while our specialist palliative care team ensures they are comfortable and supplied with anything they may need. Palliative care can be received by residents at any point after receiving a terminal diagnosis, with some of them getting palliative care for many years.

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What does Palliative Care mean in our Cambridge home?

Palliative Care in Cherry Hinton is provided with the utmost empathy, respect and understanding. Our professional teams ensure to provide specialist personal care and support to residents living with terminal illnesses. Through a holistic approach to palliative care, we help manage pain and symptoms associated with the life-limiting illness, alongside offering any emotional, spiritual and mental support, as required. Providing residents and their loved ones with specialist advice and anything else they may need when receiving palliative care in Cambridge.

Cherry Hinton care home is designed to be accessible and easy to navigate for residents, even if they have mobility issues. This ensures everyone can feel as independent as possible while receiving support from our team of healthcare professionals. On top of that, whenever additional support may be needed, our care home is located just a short 8-minute drive away from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where other healthcare professionals can provide patients with any additional services

Who can benefit from Palliative care in Cambridge?

Palliative care can be beneficial to anyone living with a terminal condition. Therapies, treatments, medicine and any other support provided by our palliative care team help ease the pain and severity of symptoms affecting the resident, while they receive necessary treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

This type of care can also benefit residents who are nearing the end of their life – this type of care is called end-of-life care. It ensures residents are provided with treatments to improve the quality of their lives, as well as any additional support, such as sorting out practical things, such as wills and wishes.

Palliative care can also be valuable to the resident’s family members and loved ones, as it offers them emotional support from empathetic healthcare professionals, who can give advice and guidance on managing this difficult process.

Quality palliative care in our Cambridge care home

Each year, our Cambridge care home Cherry Hinton is inspected by an independent regulator – the Care Quality Commission (CQC). And we are proud to share, that our home achieves great scores each year. We are truly dedicated to providing our residents with the very best care and facilities, making sure their lives at Cherry Hilton are comfortable, safe and meaningful. We also encourage any feedback from our residents and their loved ones, as it helps us make regular enhancements to our already impressive facilities, activities and events.

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Who provides palliative care?

Palliative care services in our Cambridge care home are provided by a variety of healthcare professionals, such as registered nurses, specialist occupational therapists, physiotherapists and other highly professional care teams. Palliative care teams are made up of different healthcare professionals and can coordinate the care of people with life-limiting illnesses.

Differences between Palliative care and Hospice care

Palliative care is provided for people who live with a terminal illness and helps manage their symptoms, and pain, as well as any possible side effects from their treatments. On top of that, palliative care offers emotional, spiritual and psychological support, helping patients and their loved ones cope with the reality of living with a serious illness. Palliative care patients usually receive this care while being treated for their illness.

Meanwhile, hospice care, also known as end-of-life care, is specialised for patients, who are near the end of their life. This type of care provides a variety of treatments to relieve symptoms and pain caused by the illness. Hospice care patients usually don’t receive specific treatments to cure their illness, therefore the goal of hospice care is to keep residents as comfortable as possible. This type of care also offers emotional, psychological and spiritual support.

When does end-of-life care begin?

End-of-life care is usually offered to residents who are thought to be in the last year of their life.

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