Despite lockdown and COVID-19 restricting many typical celebrations, Karuna Manor’s residents were able to celebrate Diwali in the home and with their loved ones.

As relatives were unable to visit their loved ones this year, our residents sent Diwali cards to family members as a way of staying close to them. Karuna Manor’s prayers were also streamed live on Facebook so that relatives and the community could still be part of the events.

Our wellbeing team decorated the home with prints, candles, tealights and Diwali decorations so that the residents were at the heart of the festivities. Residents also took a special trip down memory lane by making a selection of local festive dishes such as shakarpara and puri for Annkut prashad, ghugra, Kaju katri and chocolate rolls.

During our pampering sessions, the wellbeing team cut our residents’ hair, painted their nails and applied mehndi. Residents rejoiced in dressing up in traditional clothes and applying make up for their Diwali party. One of our residents, Ms Patel, said she was impressed by the effort made this year despite the restrictions.

Team Lead, Allency Barreto, said that despite not being able to celebrate with her loved ones, she enjoyed celebrating with her residents like every other Diwali.

This special Diwali was thoroughly enjoyed by all our residents and team members, and we look forward to more festivity within Karuna Manor over Christmas to come.