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Dementia Care
In Cambridge

Cambridge dementia care

At TLC Care we strive to deliver personalised dementia care of the highest quality in a comfortable and safe environment that feels like home. Our Cambridge care homes Cherry Hinton and Cambridge Manor provide various facilities, which are designed to offer residents needed support services, comfort, security, and the freedom to maintain their daily routines, whilst being a part of the local community. Our person-centred approach to providing care for residents living with a dementia diagnosis, means we get to know them closely and create a family environment that stimulates their cognitive abilities. Our Cambridge dementia homes utilise colour and objects to evoke cherished memories of familiar surroundings in our rooms and various sensory areas. By focusing on the overall well-being and supplying residents with tailored programmes, we provide each resident with stimulating activities and embrace their passions and interests. This way with specialist support we create a healthy lifestyle for each person with dementia living in our welcoming care homes.

What does dementia care mean in our Cambridge care homes?

At our Cambridge dementia care home, we ensure around-the-clock support and care to our residents, with registered nurses available to help at any time of the day. Personalised dementia care plans are supplied to all the people living at our Cambridge homes, while also ensuring their family and loved ones are informed of the care provided to the residents. We strive to build close relationships with our residents and the people close to them – through regular communication we are able to answer questions and clear up any worries, providing everyone involved with peace of mind.

Our Cambridge care homes prioritise residents’ independence and empower them to complete everyday tasks in a safe environment. This way we help them maintain their individuality, boosting their self-esteem and confidence, regardless of how much dementia support they may need. By maintaining our residents’ sense of dignity, comfort and independence we are able to make living with dementia manageable. We are truly proud of our compassionate and attentive approach, making sure that each person feels supported and appreciated.

Alongside the care we provide, residents are always encouraged to partake in easily accessible activities and events, which are highly tailored to suit their needs and interests. With regular events such as Memory Cafe and Dementia Cafe club, we encourage residents and their loved ones to enjoy a hot cup of tea and share their experiences, this way getting to relate to others, exchange knowledge and join a community of dementia support.

Cambridge Manor - Courtyard at a TLC Care home

Settling into life in a care home

At TLC Care we understand how challenging it can be to make the decision of moving into a care home, especially for people living with dementia, who previously may have had family carers. To make this transition as seamless as possible, all the staff spend time building friendly and close relationships with residents and their family members. Through this, we learn of new ways to personalise their experience at our Cambridge care homes and make their stay as comfortable as possible. Alongside the tailored dementia care service, provided by our highly professional teams, residents get to enjoy a wide range of amenities and facilities, which help promote an active lifestyle and offer many ways to stay entertained.

Quality residential care in our dementia homes

Every single year, our Cambridge dementia care homes – Cherry Hinton and Cambridge Manor, are reviewed during inspections carried out by an independent regulator – Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are delighted to share the high scores of our Cambridge homes are given each year. Through our unfaltering dedication to constantly improving the experience at TLC Care, we encourage our residents, their loved ones and family members to share their thoughts and ideas with our teams. This way we can consistently enhance our facilities and organise new activities and events.

Cherry Hinton care home Queen Edith's Way

Outstanding dementia care homes in Cambridge

Our dementia care teams know the importance of adapting care to each person. Through this outlook, we are able to ensure that every resident has their physical, mental and social needs understood and catered to. By encouraging them to stay active and continue delving into their personal interests, we are able to create a sense of overall well-being, through which residents can stay confident and express themselves.

Asides from the outstanding level of care we provide, the health of our residents is considered in everything we do. Our Cambridge homes offer incredible quality in-house restaurants with menus tailored by on-site chefs. By providing healthy and nutritious meals and customising them to suit not only the dietary requirements but also the likes and dislikes of our residents, we create a fully custom experience and provide residents with the truly personal care they deserve.

Making the decision of placing your loved one in care can be an extremely difficult decision. Finding the right care home can sometimes be a lengthy process, as you want to be sure about your loved one’s well-being, ensuring they are enjoying their time there and are given the best and most tailored specialist care available. With two specialist dementia homes available in Cambridge, we are confident that we will help you find one, which will exceed all of your expectations.

Cherry Hinton care home Cambridge outside setting area

Discover the Cambridge care homes we offer

At TLC Care, we understand that you might be looking for the right dementia care home for yourself or your loved one. We provide award-winning dementia care services customised to suit the needs of each resident. Our experienced and welcoming care teams are available 24/7 to offer support or any assistance needed.

Our Cambridge care homes focus on encouraging independence wherever possible. At Cherry Hinton and Cambridge Manor, residents can take part in various events and fun activities that are tailored to their personal interests. This way we ensure everyone feels like the valuable part of the TLC Care community that they are.

At what stage of dementia should you not live alone anymore?

The beginning stages or a mild case of dementia, where the only symptoms are slight forgetfulness, means patients can still live independently. However, more severe stages, such as stage four of dementia mean that external support is required.

Do all dementia patients need 24-hour care?

Although every individual’s case is unique, the majority of older adults living with dementia will eventually rely on around-the-clock care, to ensure their safety and health.

How fast does dementia progress?

There are many different types of dementia and unfortunately, all of them progress, although the timeframe for each of them can differ. It means symptoms can appear relatively mild at first but they get worse with time, usually over a few years. These include problems with memory, thinking, problem-solving or language, and often changes in emotions, perception or behaviour.

How we keep our dementia residents engaged

We prioritise the overall well-being of our dementia residents by engaging them physically, mentally, and socially. At TLC Care, we specifically tailor our in-house activities and events to ensure they are fun and entertaining, while also keeping our community connected. Our Dementia Cafe event offers a great opportunity for residents to share their stories and connect with others who may be in similar circumstances. This allows our residents and their loved ones to feel validated and supported.

In addition to our engaging events and activities, we provide a wide variety of luxury amenities and well-being facilities for our residents. These facilities allow them to maintain their personal routines independently, all within a safe care home environment. We also offer beautiful spaces for socializing, pampering, and entertainment. Our commitment to providing the best care, activities, events, and facilities has earned us multiple awards.

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