Take advantage of our fantastic offer from August 9th to October 31st to provide your loved one in our home with a pampering session. We’ve been delighted by the electric atmosphere as we venture into a renewed sense of normality, we have been elated to welcome you all back into our home. This renewed sense of life has instilled our drive to continue with building bonds and welcoming in the community.

Together, with your support, we want to build a community around your loved one, surrounded by their friends and family. To achieve this, we would like to ask you to recommend our home to your friends and family who may be seeking the supportive environment of a care home. And, as a thank you, we will provide your loved one with a complimentary pampering session of a manicure and pedicure along with a haircut, or a chiropody appointment. The person you have referred will only need to call us to book a tour and let us know that you recommended them to us, so that we can ensure your loved one receives a luxurious pampering session.

If your friend or family member moves into one of our TLC Care homes and joins our family permanently, we would like to offer a spectacular gesture of thanks! For both the existing and new resident, this includes a month of weekly manicure and pedicure treatments, with a hand massage, a weekly hair appointment and a chiropodist appointment.

Start building a community around your loved one today by referring a friend or family member and all they have to do is provide us with the name of the resident and their room number, so we can ensure they receive their first treatment!

Ts&Cs apply. *This offer includes a hair appointment including a wash, cut and set and a manicure/pedicure OR a complimentary chiropodist appointment. Provide the name of the resident or family member that referred you and we’ll ensure that they receive the complimentary appointment. Camberley Manor will be providing haircut (wash, cut, set) and chiropody only. Cherry Hinton Care Home will offer a haircut (wash, cut and set) and pampering session, or chiropody appointment.
**This offer only qualifies if the referred individual attends a tour with a member of the TLC Care team at the chosen care home.
***The month of complimentary pampering appointments includes a weekly hair appointment (wash, cut and set), hand massage, manicure and pedicure AND one chiropodist appointment. Camberley Manor will be providing haircut (wash, cut, set) and chiropody only. Cherry Hinton Care Home will offer a haircut (wash, cut and set), pampering session and chiropody appointment. The month of treatments will only take place for 4 weeks. In order to receive the month long complimentary pampering, the referred friend/family must move into any of our TLC Care homes within 6 months of the booked tour
****This offer only applies to long term stays and doesn’t apply to referrals made before 09/08/21 and after 31/10/21.