Our TLC care homes provide different types of care designed to provide each resident with the support they need to live an active and fulfilled life. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them, and it is important for us to understand their medical needs as well as lifestyle choices and aspirations so we can tailor a plan to suit them.

The Types of Care

It can be difficult to know what you need, but we will work with every resident and their close family, together with other healthcare specialists, to help you agree exactly what type of personalised care is needed. In the meantime, our short care questionnaire can give a guide as to the type of care environment.

Questions About Medical or Care Needs

Some medical conditions may need more specialised care settings. If necessary, we will undertake a detailed assessment and if necessary consult with other medical professionals to fully understand how we can meet the needs of your loved one. Remember, needs change over time and we regularly refine and review the care plans of all our residents.

Please contact one of our Care Advisors for more information about Care options, or check the TLC Care Guide and Checklist Choosing the right long-term care for you.