We fully understand that moving into a care home is a huge decision to make, which is why we are here to help you with any concerns you may be feeling at this time, enabling you to concentrate on making the right decision for you and your loved one.

From choosing care that is right for you, right through to moving into a care home, our expert team is there to help and support you. Reading our guide Choosing the right long term care for you and Support for your research should help you to understand what support is available, and show you the right questions to ask each care provider that you choose to visit.

One of the most important tasks however, is talking with your elderly loved one about care. This can feel like a daunting thing to do which means many people put it off until a crisis happens, which may reduce the options available and put a happy outcome at risk.

This guide has been developed to help you with this task, drawing upon our own experience of working with families like yourselves over the years.