It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of February and it’s a day we really appreciate. At TLC, kindness is a very important value. We pride ourselves on making a positive difference to the lives of our residents every day and our values of truth, love and compassion are at the heart of all we do. That’s why kindness is something we look for when we expand our team and it’s absolutely necessary to make our care homes the warm and inviting atmospheres they are. Because we have a person-centred approach to care at TLC, we are always thinking about how we can deliver kindness to our residents and would like to share with you some of the ways we have been doing just that!

Time Travel

A resident’s life is something to celebrate so whenever we learn of a resident’s favourite memories, we like to reminisce on them and recreate them where possible. For example, we have previously organised music sessions where we reminisce on a resident’s favourite songs to bring back good memories and have a little dance!

Loved Ones

The best thing in life is good company and we’re always prioritising the loved ones of our residents. For example, one of our care home teams recently set up a romantic date for Valentine’s Day for one resident, and we regularly create wonderful set ups and activities for our residents to get some quality time with loved ones – even if their loved ones are furry! We have had many much-loved pets visit our residents!

Encouraging Pastimes

We are always honoured when a resident shares with us their favourite hobbies or pastimes and show kindness by doing all we can to ensure we can maintain that enjoyment. This motivation has led us to create beautiful fruit and vegetable gardens, organising craft clubs, book clubs, knit and natter sessions, cinema evenings and dancing to live music.

At TLC, we pride ourselves on our values: truth, love and compassion and finding new ways to be kind is a great part of that.

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