How to Support Older Mental Health

At TLC care homes, we always aim to create a home that allows good mental health to flourish. Mental health has become a huge priority for everyone in recent years but health, both physical and mental, has always been our number one priority. That’s why we consistently seek advice, support and further training to remain leaders in the industry. Sharing what we learned from our most recent investigation, here’s how to support older mental health.

Healthy Ageing

Physical and mental health is closely linked, which is why sometimes taking care of the inside begins on the outside. Carers of older people can help maintain good mental health through maintaining good physical health and healthy ageing through regular exercise and purpose-led activities.

Maintaining Memories

For older people, losing their mobility and flexibility can feel like a limit on their freedoms. It’s important to remember that older people led incredible lives and they might feel far from them if not given the opportunity and encouragement to regularly reminisce upon their efforts, contributions and happiest memories. Reminiscing on past careers and experiences is also great socialisation and we encourage our residents to share with others frequently.


It might seem easy on the surface to socialise within care homes as there are common areas to socialise in, but there are still limits such as poor physical health or concentration troubles that sometimes prevent good quality socialisation. At TLC, we always ensure our social areas are well-maintained and inspire socialisation, conversation and creativity. Our residents regularly make long-lasting friendships and partake in activities together which is very conducive to good health.

Creativity and Expression

Over the years, we have learned that creativity is key to good mental health in our older residents. Not only do we assist and help residents with a long-loved hobby such as crafts or gardening, but we also encourage them to try new things, from food to art to music. It’s never too late to learn a new trick!

Wider Community

For some residents, care homes can feel isolating, which is why it is important to always invest time and energy into days out, travelling to new places and to contribute to the wider community. At TLC, we regularly have local school children visit to play with our residents, college students to talk with our residents, local singers and performers to entertain and organisations to incorporate residents into wider community. In fact, many of our residents’ art has featured in local competitions or fundraisers.

We will always work hard towards constant improvement and betterment of the services we provide here at TLC and enjoy sharing our expertise with you so you, too, can help the older people in your life. If you’d like to join our wonderful team, you can browse all available roles here. If you’re curious about residency, you can browse all our homes here.

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