What families say

The concerns and needs of our residents and their family members are at the centre of everything we do. We cherish the positive comments we receive from them.

They provide us with encouragement and confidence to keep striving for the best.

Here are a few examples of the many acknowledgements we have received at Carlton Court:

I am very happy here, the staff are very polite and friendly. They look after me very well and the food is very good. I enjoy all activities and love this place.


I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’m more than happy to be here.


The General Manager is a very caring and approachable person. As a caring daughter I feel that my worries and concerns for my mother are dealt with compassionately and professionally. The staff are very nice on Mum’s floor and care for the residents well. I “appear” at different times of the week and have always found adequate staff, good food and very clean rooms and public areas.

Daughter of Resident

I spent a long time, almost a year, looking at nursing homes to accommodate my husband when the inevitable time came. I have a nursing background and my sister was with Social Services, Inspection Dept, so I knew what I was looking for and what I didn’t want. I was lucky in being able to find a vacancy in the group of choice. We had previously hoped for the sister care home, Cooperscroft, Potters Bar, but no vacancy was available when my husband was fit for discharge. We are very very happy with Carlton Court.

Wife of Resident

My partner Roger was admitted to Carlton Court to be cared or 24/7, he has had the best care. The staff are wonderful. They treat Roger with the utmost care, he is kept clean and fed properly. He is totally reliant on the staff for all his needs. I cannot be more thankful for TLC.

Relative of Resident